E-mail me dining places in the area that you have found have had a good (or bad) dining experience so I can post them here!  Local list is found below!

ALERT:  Domino's GF pizza is not recommended for people with Celiac Disease.  Although the crust and toppings are GF, they are baked and prepared in the same locations as all other pizzas so cross contamination is an issue.  See their website for additional information.  www.dominos.comTIPS FOR EATING OUT:

Your food cannot contain: 

bulletwheat (including spelt, triticale, duram, kamut, einkorn, semolina and seitan)
bulletcommon oats

and it cannot come in contact with any of those items or foods containing them.

You should question:

bulletsauces (may be thickened with flour or contain barley base)
bulletsoups (may be thickened with flour or contain barley base)
bulletgravies (may be thickened with flour or contain barley base)
bulletmarinades (may contain soy sauce or other products that may not be GF)
bulletpre-cooked frozen items (may contain additives or marinades not GF)
bulletcoatings or seasoning mixes (may contain additives or marinades not GF)

Things that you could start with:

bulletunbreaded meats, fish or poultry: ask about any marinade, sauce, gravy or topping.  Can be steamed, grilled, bakes, sauteed or pan fried.
bulletSauces and gravies if thickened with corn starch instead of flour
bulletFresh Salads and many home made salad dressings - don't forget to hold the croutons
bulletPotatoes: baked or mashed usually ok, au gratin may not be
bulletVegetables: ask about seasonings

Even asking all the right questions will not always guarantee you a safe dining experience.  Ask to speak to the chef if possible.  Generally speaking, non-chain restaurants are better able to accommodate a GF diet since they make most things from scratch.  In the end, you need to listen to your body and go from there. 

Anything underlined is a link to take you there!

Baci's Kitchen, 2990 N. Perryville Rd, Rockford, IL They feather several GF dishes, including protein bowls, breakfast dishes, GF pizza and flourless chocolate cake.  Check back for new additions
Beef-a-Roo, all locations They have A GF bun that you can have any of the sandwiches on.  Their special seasoning is not GF so make sure you identify your order as GF.
Blue Gillies, 622 Wisconsin Rt. 59, Newville, WI 608-884-6175 (I-90 exit 163 at Edgerton) They have a great GF menu, including sandwiches on GF bread, blue gills breaded in GF breading, etc.  Open for breakfast and lunch (until 2:00).  Check it out.
Capri Restaurant, 313 E. State Street, Rockford, IL GF menu is available at all times.  In addition, Broiled Cod and Chicken Breast are always GF.  House dressing is GF. ENJOY!
Chicago White Sox Park Now serving GF beer
Chili's, all locations  (GF menu To locate the information on the website, follow the link, then click on "Chilis Allergen" at the bottom of the page.) They have a GF menu updated monthly available in restaurants. 
Ciao Bella, 6500 E. Riverside, Rockford, IL Has a couple GF menu items on tables, plus will make pasta dishes with GF pasta, GF minestrone soup, balsamic dressing is GF and GF flourless cake for dessert
Culvers (all locations) GF buns
DaLuciano's (708-453-1000) 343 W. Grand, River Grove, Illinois They now have a store in addition to a full menu of homemade GF pastas. Donít forget to call ahead if you are heading that direction. It is small and can be difficult to get in.
Granite City, 7140 Harrison Ave, Rockford, IL (outside Cherryvale Mall)

They will make any of their flat bread pizzas GF and offers an allergy menu with other GF choices.

Jason's Deli, 575 S. Perryville Rd, Rockford (this is a chain, so other locations also available)  Click on the link, then near the bottom under "Healthy Food", click on Gluten Sensitive Menu. They have a GF menu and sandwiches available on GF bread, as well as a variety of soups and salads.
Joey C's, 2583 N. Mulford Rd, Rockford, IL They have a GF menu including GF pizza and pasta.  Steaks and baked fish are also GF. 
Lino's Restaurant, E. State Street, Rockford, IL Special salad is GF; Chicken a la Lino is GF; steaks are GF; baked fish is GF; spumoni is GF
Lucha Cantina, 1641 N. Alpine Rd (Edgebrook Shopping Center), Rockford, IL   815-977-4319  Offers many GF options, clearly marked on menu.  They use natural, high-quality ingredients and make their own salsa, dressings, sauces and marinades from scratch, using fresh produce, herbs and spices. 
Mary's Market, 1659 N. Alpine Rd., 2636 McFarland Rd., and 4431 E. State Street (all Rockford locations) GF cookies and cupcakes, soups made on site so check on ingredients


McDonalds no longer has a GF list but instead directs you to their menu explorer where you can find detailed ingredient information for all the products.  Each item lists the top 8 allergens if in the item to the right of the screen (wheat is one of them).
Mia Famiglia, 10049 W. Forest Home Ave, Hales Corners WI 53130 (near Milwaukee) 414-425-0507

They makes GF pasta and other dishes from scratch. In addition to GF, Chef Tomas can accommodate other dietary restrictions. All of the GF items are prepared in a dedicated area and separate equipment is used (including a separate pasta maker. Closed Sundays & Mondays.

Outback Steak House, E. State Street, Rockford, IL (Follow link, then click "Download a Menu", then "Gluten-Free Menu") Ask for GF menu in the restaurant or get it online before you go.  Follow the link, then click on GF Menu
Panera Bread (all locations)


Ask for GF menu in the restaurant or get it online before you go.  Follow the link, (panerabread.com)
PHO Square Noodles & Grill, 6338 Riverside Blvd., Loves Park, IL Many GF options.
Pizza Ranch, 4797 Bluestem Road, Roscoe, IL Offers GF pizza. They have a GF menu that includes lots of pizza options and GF information relating to the salad bar and other menu items.
Red Robin, 7029 E. State St., Rockford, IL  61108   815-399-7582 By going to their website, you can select various allergens to avoid and it tells you what is safe to eat and what can be easily modified to be safe.
Sam's Ristorante, 6075 E. Riverside, Rockford, IL Ask for GF menu - includes pizza, pasta, bread, and more.
Stashu's Pizza & Deli, 4200 44th Ave, Moline, IL 309-797-9449 Homemade GF pizzas, sausage and calzones
Sugar Jones Cupcakes, 1710 Rural Street, Rockford, IL and 6336 Riverside Blvd, Loves Park, IL  815-708-0801 (click on the link to see the weekly flavors) Check the website or call to find out what GF cupcakes are available that week - they are all wonderful!  A great special treat!
TakeOutz, 5851 Forest Hills Rd., Rockford, IL 61114, 815-708-8822 Link takes you to their menu.  They have a 10" cheese pizza for $9.20, additional toppings extra.
Vito's Ristorante,  in Roscoe. They offer GF pasta and a GF flourless cake for dessert.  In addition, many  menu items are GF.  Click on link to see menu and additional info.