National Organizations

bulletwww.csaceliacs.org This is the CSA/USA National site.  We are a chapter of this organization.  They sponsor a great annual convention, have a quarterly newsletter and focus on support groups.
bulletwww.celiac.org  This is the Celiac Disease Foundation out of California.  They have a focus on research and education, a quarterly newsletter and support groups in that area.
bulletwww.gluten.net  This is the GIG Site - Gluten Intolerance Group out of Washington.  They focus on education and support.
bullet www.celiaccentral.org  The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness
bullet National Foundation for Celiac Awareness www.celiacawareness.org I National organization dedicated to providing information on Celiac Disease.
bullet www.tagsatgig.org Teen Advocates for Gluten Sensitivity (affiliated with GIG)




Other Interesting Sites


The National Institute of Health (NIH) on Celiac Disease www.celiac.nih.gov


The Mayo Clinic site - information on Celiac Disease http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/celiac-disease/DS00319/DSECTION=1


www.celiac.com is one of the largest places to get good information.  It is not affiliated with a single organization so it includes information about all of them. 

bullet www.glutenfreeworks.com Lots of health and diet information and a newsletter.
bulletClan Thompson's Celiac Cite - lots of good info and links www.clanthompson.com This site has lots of lits, doctors, food manufacturers and their contact info, ingredients, cosmetics, etc.
bullet www.gluten-free-online.com Is a good site for all kinds of information and recipes.
bullet www.celiacsonline.com This site is a group out of Maryland but they have links to information on kids, downloadable GF lists from manufacturers, and a whole lot more.
bullet www.celiaccentral.org This site has a monthly newsletter that is free and very informative.  This site also offers many free webinars that provide a wide variety of information.  They are worth the time.
bulletThis site gives you lists and information - RX & OTC drugs Gluten-freeDrugswww.glutenfreedrugs.com
bullet http://www.theceliacsite.com/index.php The Celiac Site offers lots of information as well as a GF Yellow Pages searchable by category and state.
bullet glutenfreegirl.com This is a site with lots of recipes, blogs, links, etc.
bulletBob & Ruth's Gluten-Free Dining and Travel Club has a very informative site - lots of info - great trips.
bullet http://glutenfreeresourcedirectory.com/  This is a favorite site with a lot of great information that is easy to access.
bullet http://www.pritikin.com/articles/health-benefits-gluten-free-diet/ This is a site put out by Pritikin Wellness Resources and has a full spectrum of health related information, not just gluten-related.
bulletwww.glutenfree.com  This is a resource center for dieticians and contains lots of good information.




GF Product Companies

bullet www.sillyyakbakery.com  This is a bakery in Madison, Wisc. that bakes GF bread every Sunday and ships on Monday.  They keep some items frozen.
bulletwww.ener-g.com  Ener-G Foods is one of the oldest and largest GF food companies.  Many of their products are available in stores.
bullet www.enjoylifefoods.com Enjoy Life products are GF and free of wheat, dairy, casein, egg, soy, nuts, corn, sulfites and sesame.
bullet www.pamelasproducts.com  Pamela's offers mixes and some baked products.
bullet www.kinnikinnick.com Kinnikinnick Foods is out of Canada but products are good.  You can find them in some of the local stores.
bulletwww.lundberg.com offers rice products, couscous, pasta, snacks and syrups.